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Our Startup Inc. Package includes registration in Delaware, 1st year registered agent fees, AND our investor-vetted startup formation documents. 

Properly appoint and indemnify officers and directors, grant equity with vesting schedules and transfer restrictions, and assign intellectual property to the company. 

Investors will think you used a fancy ($$$) law firm to form your startup.  We won't tell if you don't. 
Form Your StartupThe Right Way
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Template Contracts & Cap Tables
When created by experienced, thorough, and thoughtful startup attorneys, template contracts and cap tables can save an early-stage company thousands in legal fees and properly set you up for success. 
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Not all NDAs are the same.  NDAs have different terms for different purposes. 

You may share or receive confidential information (or both). You may want stronger protections for your confidential information.  Or, you may want to limit your obligations with respect to confidential information you receive so you don't contract yourself out of business ideas.  Each of our NDAs are designed in your best interest depending on your particular situation and concerns.
Independent Contractor Agreements
Independent contractors are the backbone of the startup economy.  After years of finding serious issues with every online contractor template we've reviewed - from inadequate IP assignments to clauses that inadvertently make the contractor an employee under state law (potentially subjecting the company to penalties and payment of back due employment benefits and taxes).  

It is obvious to us that these templates are not written by experienced startup attorneys. So, we finally decided to create our own.  Don't 
jeopardize your company with inadequate contract templates. 
Startup Law Blog 
We may not agree on everything, but we can all agree on one thing: 
Everyone hates startup legal. 
As startup counsel, we want to simplify legal for early-stage startups.  That's why we are creating a platform to incorporate, issue equity, manage cap tables, hire workers, DIY plug-n-play template contracts (drafted for startups), and raise equity. 
One clean and organized data room with all of your contracts to share with with investors. 
Sign up for our beta. 

Get notified when our platform is ready and receive a discount. 

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