We may not agree on everything, but we can all agree on one thing: 
Everyone hates startup legal. 
As startup counsel, we want to simplify legal for early-stage startups.  That's why we are creating a platform to incorporate, grant equity, manage cap tables, hire workers, DIY plug-n-play template contracts (drafted for startups), and to issue and raise equity.  One clean and organized data room to share with with investors. 
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By Startup Lawyers. Only. 
From our blog to our DIY template contracts, all of our content is written by highly experienced startup lawyers.  No interns.  No moonlighting attorneys.  No ghost writers.  No nonsense. 

We cover every important legal topic that startup founders need to know from incorporation to fundraising. 
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Our DE Startup Package includes registration, registered agent fees, AND our investor-vetted startup formation documents. 

Properly appoint and indemnify officers and directors, grant equity with vesting schedules and transfer restrictions, and assign intellectual property to the company. 

Investors will think you used a fancy ($$$) law firm to form your startup. We won't tell if you don't. 
Form Your Startup.  The Right Way. 
DIY Template Contracts
Our DIY template contracts were created specifically for startups in include all of the terms to protect your growing company, now and in the future. 

Save thousands now without worrying that you will pay for it later. 
For the Builders

Protect your company, raise funds, and negotiate like a pro. 

What About Us? 
We are startup lawyers who've served hundreds of startups and investors (and still do).  We love working with you, but know the cost of high-quality legal is hard for early-stage startups. 

Startups make quality products available to the public.  As startup lawyers, we don't we do the same? 

This is the just the beginning of our innovation in startup law. Stay tuned as we democratize access to startup legal services for all founders. 
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